Am I Involved With A Sex Addict?

shutterstock_208386535aPartner/Spouse Questionnaire

  1. Does your partner seem preoccupied with sexual thoughts and behavior?
  2. Does your partner hide his/her sexual behavior from you?
  3. Do you feel your partner needs help for sexual behavior?
  4. Have you been hurt emotionally because of your partner’s sexual behavior?
  5. Does your partner seem to be controlled by his/her sexual desire?
  6. Has your partner accused you of being “crazy” or “jealous” when you question his/her sexual behavior?

This is an adaptation from the PATHOS Questionnaire. There has not been a cut-off established, however, if you answer “Yes” to even one or two you may need to seek further assessment.

It’s not your fault –
unless you don’t do anything about it!