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Dr. Linda Hancock has seen more than 7,000 clients! Over the years she has helped individuals, groups, organizations and communities to problem-solve and reach their potential. She has done this while sharing her wisdom, common-sense solutions and sense of humour.

Besides her earned degrees in Arts, Social Work, Education and Psychology to the Doctoral level she has specialized training and experience in a number of arenas. Her mediation, counselling, clinical and forensic competencies have been employed in health, educational, justice and private practice settings.

Dr. Linda is a communicator!  She serves as a consultant for media personnel and has weekly newspaper columns in two province. As well, she is a best-selling author, business consultant and professional speaker who has given presentations internationally.

Dr. Linda Hancock, BA, BSW, M.Ed., PSY.D.
Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker
Registered Family Mediator (Separation and Divorce)
Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (Candidate)